Genesis of the Ice-Pron

Since the time I began cooking, way before my first restaurant, the one thing that always bothered me was the heat. Short cooking stints were never a problem, it was the extended time in the heat that really got to me. I knew, there had to be a better way to make the experience cooler. The solution is here! THE ICE-PRON. A true game changer in the way you cook. The ICE-PRON features a detachable collar outfitted with an interchangeable cooling unit around the neck line. On a cool day it can be simply taken off and used without the unit. Designed for not only cooking and grilling, but almost any outdoor activity where heat is your concern. Thus making it, the COOLEST apron in the Universe.

Inferno Phil's Flight

Many many eons ago and light years away, existed a planet at the core of the Capsaisin galaxy named Scoville 3054. Unique to this Galaxy, said planet had the responsibility to supply the other planets with a commodity non existent within their own planets. Scoville, being layered with pepper fields and abundant with salt and spice mines provided the Capsaisin galaxy with flavor. Their pepper plants and spices were in great demand throughout their neighboring planets. Another anomaly, Capsaisin had two suns, Blazer I and Blazer II located at opposite ends of their galaxy. They burned at such extreme temperatures that the planets on the outer edges couldn't sustain the heat and eventually imploded. Scoville survived the longest because it was the center of Capsaisin and also shielded by the other planets. But its extinction was inevitable. The overlords of the Terra Council of the Fire created a stratagem to keep their legacy alive for millennia. They deployed tens of thousands of pepper warriors, called infernoists, to travel the multiverse and sow the planets with their seeds and spices. In pepper pods, traveling through stargates, the infernoists landed throughout the multiverse. Some landed many years ago, some are still traveling. These are the adventures of Inferno Phil. Landed in Federal Hill, MD USA MMXV. He was the Navigator of this pod. And so the story begins...