A true game changer in the way you cook. The ICE-PRON features a detachable collar outfitted with an interchangeable cooling unit around the neck line. On a cool day it can be simply taken off and used without the unit. Designed for not only cooking and grilling, but almost any outdoor activity where heat is your concern. Thus making it, the COOLEST apron in the Universe.

**Note: Package contains one new and improved neck strap and cooling unit. 

Science Behind the Ice-Pron

Supported through science, the cooling system actually changes the way your body reacts to heat. Here's how it works. The carotid arteries run on each side of the neck. Among other functions, these arteries carry important information to the brain regarding body temperature. When you are cold, the brain tells the body to shiver which naturally warms the body. Conversely, when we are hot, we sweat. The positioning of the cooling unit in the apron actually changes the temperature of the blood flowing to the brain. As a result, the brain sends a signal to your body saying you are cooler. This results in a much more comfortable experience while in the heat. Whether cooking, grilling, or gardening, this apron will provide a cooler experience, which will allow for a longer time doing what you love to do.


  • Detachable neck cooling system w/2 cooling units.
  • 9.3 oz (265g) distressed 100% cotton twill
  • Contrasting rivets, grommets, and double stitching for performance and style
  • Utility pockets engineered for thermometer, cell hone, earbuds, and other essential equipment.
  • Applications for this apron include grilling, gardening, pottery, painting, and much more.
  • Water, stain, and dust resistant
  • Pigment dyed, enzyme washed
  • One size fits many. (M-4XL)
  • Color Moss Brown.

Contents and Instructions

  • Includes: 1 Apron body, 1 Detachable Collar, 1 Cooling Sleeve, 2 Cooling Units
  • Freezing times for cooling units will vary depending on how you freeze them. They normally freeze at the rate of ice cubes in a tray.
  • Slide neck strap through cooling unit tube. When doing this, have the neoprene face down.
  • Slide the ice pack on top of the neck strap. Make sure the dotted side of the ice pack is face down as well. This will provide maximum longevity of the ice pack.
  • Pinch each end of the cooling tube to keep neck strap in place. Neck strap should still move smoothly through tube so that you can center around neck line.
  • Attach to collar and start to enjoy.
  • Contents within the cooling unit is 100% water. It is non toxic and will not burn or stain.
  • These contents should not be ingested.